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Karn Evil 9 Emerson Lake and Palmer Brain Salad Surgery vinyl LPPaint It Black Rolling Stones Hot Rocks vinylPhil Collins Face Value vinyl LP I Missed Again demo version vinyl

This site features the unique & quirky "Daily Vinyl video" series
created by "The Dude"

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin vinylHot For Teacher - Van Halen vinylGenesis Stagnation Trespass vinyl

Sit back. Relax! It's time for The Daily Vinyl.
Simply allow yourself to be mesmerized by that magic black circle,
just like the old days.

The Beatles White Album side 1 vinyl  The Beatles White Album side 2 vinyl  The Beatles White Album side 3 vinyl

Classic records as well as NEW vinyl releases (and re-pressings on 180 Gram vinyl)

Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye & Kimbra from Making Mirrors vinylThe Kinks Muswell Hillbillies 180 gram vinyl LP 20th Century Man

Click here for a list of the original vinyl videos collection!

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The Daily Vinyl LIVE page on YouTube was launched JULY 7, 2011.
This features HD videos that I filmed at various live concerts.
Click the logo above to jump to the YouTube page.

Gotye and Kimbra in Ypsilanti Ann Arbor Michigan livePaul Simon live in Nashvilleu2 live in Nashville TN Vanderbilt stadium

Bruce Springsteen Nashville 2014Rush live Nashville TNBruce Hornsby live Nashville TN

Paul McCartney live in Nashville  

And the new segment...

Off the Record Interviews

I interview musicians that I find interesting. Check it out!

I'm pretty stoked about my documentary about Record Store Day 2013 in Nashville.
I visited 3 local vinyl shops, illegallly filmed the show at ThirdMan Records,
and visited the Record Pressing Plant where all this vinyl is made!
I'd love your feedback on the YouTube page.

And as always (but a bit of a bitch to navigate thru)...

The Vinyl Videos are located in blog format HERE.

Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here vinylWilco Blue Sky Blue vinylI Am The Walrus Beatles vinyl

FYI -- The videos are also hosted on YouTube and/or Vimeo.

Yes Big Generator vinyl LP I'm Running video

Have the coolest kid on your block

By Melissa Duke Mooney
Illustrations by Print Mafia

Also on The Daily Vinyl:

-- The Dude Wants to know Your Music Memories --

Remember your first record? First kiss to a song? Top 5 Desert Island discs,
Join the discussion of your Your musical memories.


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And here's something cool... RINGO STARR wishes ME a "Happy Birthday Brother"
on his & my birthday (July 7th).


Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas vinylToo Much Time on My Hands - Styx vinylWilco The Song vinyl


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Oh, and if you own the rights to the music I'm playing,
1) please forgive me
2) I LOVE your music
3) I will remove my video that has your music from the site, if really you wish
4) I will be sad about that
5) But, if you actually like what I'm doing, I'd LOVE to hear from you. For instance
Gotye (Wally DeBacker) emailed me saying: ""Thanks for the daily vinyl spot my man! I dig it,
opening the sleeve and all :) Anyways, cheers for spreading the word and
hope to maybe catch you at a show around your neck of the wood sometime! Cheers"
6) And because Gotye was so cool, I have purchased everything I can get my hands on
(shipped from Australia) then drove 8+ hours to see his show!
7) True Story.
8) Also HEART posted my review of their 2012 album, Fanatic.
They sent me a free vinyl LP. Now THAT'S AWESOME!!

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